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Learn how smart sites manage their clinical trial inventory & supplies

In a recent survey, Slope found that over 75% of study sites have no policies or procedures in place for managing inventory and preventing supply outages.

A lack of standardized workflows, best practices, and inventory management solutions expose your site to costly outages that directly impact your ability to care for your patients. Supply outages hurt enrollment, impact retention, and expose your site to deviation risk.

While it sounds daunting, inventory management isn’t too difficult. The key is to know what you have, what you need, and where it’s located. We wrote Supply Closet 101 to help study sites around the world learn how to prevent outages with better inventory management. Our free guide will:

  1. Explain why inventory management is critical to both patient care and the success of your site.
  2. Teach you how to conduct an inventory count and determine how often they need to occur.
  3. Help you implement inventory management SOPs that describe how inventory updates will be recorded and communicated.

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